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Fiction (apocalyptic). A Denver couple tries to escape the chaos of the city after a killer manmade virus crashes western society.

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  Buck Out

Fiction (apocalyptic). Two Wall Street wizards must turn into survivalists and bug out of New York City when the worst financial crises in American history renders the U.S. Dollar worthless.

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  Rational Collapse

Fiction (apocalyptic). Two Homeland Security agents try to gather evidence that terrorists are responsible for an event resulting in mass rioting across America.

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Prepping for the Day the SHTF

Non-fiction. A complete bug-out and survival plan for life after doomsday.

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Survival Tales. Tales?

It’s fun to read stories about huge disasters—natural or otherwise—isn’t it? They take us out of our comfort zone and set us on an adventure. Then we put the book down, adjust the thermostat, and see what’s on our 60” flat-screen TV. It was all just fun for a while.

Wasn’t it? What if one day soon we find ourselves actually facing one of these situations? How prepared are we, really?

Now I’m just scaremongering. Sorry about that. What could really happen, anyway?

Glad you asked! Here are the major SHTF candidates:

Real economic collapse. Not like that little hiccup in 2008 through 2010. If you haven’t seen photographs from pre-Nazi Germany of people with wheelbarrows full of money trying to buy a loaf of bread, Google it. You can’t eat money, folks. You also can’t live purely on credit, continuing to borrow more and more from future generations to pay for your every whim – but that is exactly how western governments currently operate. Those unborn future generations are not going to roll over forever and just accept the debt bondage they will be born into. This is how revolutions start, and how currencies become worthless.

Natural disasters. Severe natural disasters have the very real potential to stop trucking traffic. When the trucks stop rolling, store shelves become empty very quickly – usually from looting – and there will be no more food delivered until normal trucking resumes. In such a situation, confidence that normalcy will soon return may prove to be wishful thinking. Don’t think a disaster on a national scale would be unprecedented, either. The New Madrid earthquakes in December 1811 were so massive in scale they were felt from Iowa to South Carolina and from Louisiana to Pennsylvania. Entire forests fell. It is frightening to ponder what kind of damage a quake like that might do today.

Viruses. Every year it seems we hear about a new virus discovered that has the potential to run rampant through human society and wipe out hundreds of millions of people. Many scientists are telling us it is only a matter of time before such a nightmare scenario actually plays out. This would not be an unprecedented event! The flu pandemic of 1918 is believed to have killed around 75 million people worldwide, roughly 2% of the world’s population. It would be a good idea to get away from public places when you first hear about such an outbreak.

Nuclear War. We have gotten a little complacent about this threat, haven’t we? It may be sobering to realize the nukes are all still there, ready to fly in a moment’s notice, and world governments are just as politically uncooperative as ever. It only takes one crazy leader getting control of one small nuclear-power country to set off a chain reaction of events (think Arch-Duke Ferdinand in World War I) that will literally blow up like a string of firecrackers. Say, some country like Iran, who just happens to have recently formed an alliance with Russia.

Mass-Scale Terrorism. They have shown what kind of cold-blooded organization they are capable of. Now picture a coordinated attack on a much larger scale, perhaps involving dirty bombs or biological weapons.

No wonder prepping is becoming so popular. This hobby isn’t just for eccentrics anymore – it’s for anyone watching the nightly news whose boy scout training didn’t go in one ear and out the other. Being prepared is generally considered wise. We all apparently know this, as insurance companies are among the wealthiest organizations on earth. At an early age, we are taught to save for a rainy day – only this particular kind of rainy day may well render the usual kind of savings worthless. The question, then, is exactly what should we be saving, how should we be saving it, and where? It is the purpose of my books—both fiction and non-fiction—to provide that answer.

Should a SHTF scenario actually occur, God forbid, there will be two types of people left here alive: The prepared and the unprepared. The unprepared will be in a state of panic as they come to realize that money in the bank doesn’t mean anything when the banks are all closed, the grid has shut down, and you can’t eat money anyway. You can’t even eat gold and silver, although man’s historic fascination with these shiny metals has probably ensured they will continue to be perceived as valuable in all but the most dystopian of scenarios. Expect to see bread lines and food riots after the initial looting and pillaging leaves retail stores in burning heaps of ruins. Imagine attempting to feed your family, and keep them safe, in a lawless society where roving bands of hoodlums are free to run rampant on an ultimate crime spree. It could get ugly, fast.

So the question is, are you the type of person who is going to be caught unprepared? Maybe you just like reading stories about these kinds of scenarios. Well, either way, I thank you!



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